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Orion: a rugged mobile terminal from Asio Technologies

The Orion rugged mobile terminal for dismounted forces, used by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) in all combat units, is creating significant interest in foreign armed forces.

Many Ukrainian drones have been disabled by Russian jamming

As ukraine’s stocks of artillery shells have dwindled, its army’s reliance on drones has grown. These are able to deliver ammunition with great precision over long distances—provided they can maintain connections with gps satellites (so they know where they are) and their operators (so they know what to do). Such communication signals can be jammed, however, and Russia’s electronic warfare, as signals scrambling is known, is fearsomely effective. With large numbers of its drones in effect blinded, Ukraine’s drone technologists have been forced to get creative.

Gaza conflict presents biggest test yet for IDF’s handheld, 3D navigation tech

David Harel, CEO of the Israeli firm Asio Technologies, told Breaking Defense his company’s Orion device has deployed by the thousands with Israeli soldiers in Gaza. JERUSALEM — Israeli soldiers who went to war in Gaza after Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack carried with them the usual equipment, from rifles to radios, that the infantry has carried for decades. But into these new urban battles many also brought a newer, high-tech device: a 3D navigation tool that’s seeing its largest test yet in the sprawling conflict.

איך מנווטים בתוך עזה? קיבלנו הצצה ל-WAZE המודיעיני

הוא יכול להחזיק ימים שלמים ללא סוללה, להציג את תמונת השטח העדכנית בתלת מימד למפקדים, לצלם, להקרין ולתקשר. ה’אול”ר’ של אגף המודיעין מאגד מגוון יכולות – וכולן ממש בכף היד של הדרג הפיקודי הנלחם כעת ברצועה

Jam-Proof: Asio Technologies’ GPS-Free Drone Navigation Solution

Attacks against drones can jam their signals, preventing them from reaching their destination and mitigating their ability to function on the battlefield. Asio Technologies offers a visual navigation system for drones that doesn’t rely on GPS, providing complete immunity to malicious disruptions.

Innovation on the battlefield

Asio Technologies crafts solutions ‘by ground fighters for ground fighters’. Recently, Mittler Report’s main industry interviewer, Curtis Hand, spoke with David Harel, CEO of Israeli firm Asio Technologies. Their dialogue centred around Asio’s battle management system (BMS) and other solutions currently used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the conflict against Hamas in Gaza.